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It’s been a crazy year. As I published my previous post, I was honestly somewhere between paralyzing fear and ambivalence. 300 some-odd days stretching before me and only time would tell how long that spirited hunger was going to last.

In the space between then and now, I’ve been growing the team, listening to feedback, streamlining our process and am happy to announce we’ve now assisted more than one hundred individuals and corporations in promoting their services and products worldwide.This is what failure looks like! What's next is where it gets real interesting..

Today we’re officially launching a new monthly-package designed to help you accomplish yesterday's goals tomorrow. It’s called

#SMARTMEDIA, and it comes as part of our subscription services.


#SMARTMEDIA is a rolling 30-90 day course, intended to help you finish what you started, or simply...start. We provide you with everything you need to not only launch but monetize your product/project-based content in 90 days or less. Think High-Quality video marketing tutorials, but 1-on-1 (instead of comment, wait, reply). Subjects covered?

  • Video Production

  • Audio Production

  • Music Production

  • Web Design

  • Photoshop

  • Email/Digital Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship/Crowdfunding

  • Virtual Networking

  • and more..

Because I truly want us both to win, #SMARTMEDIA comes with unlimited access to our services 24/7. This means we will not only teach you how to do what we do, I will get you everything you need, personally troubleshoot and solve any issue, until you're confident enough to do-it-yourself. Class is two times a week. Two hours a group class. One hour 1-on-1.

For those who truly take advantage of this opportunity, the sky is the limit.

Why not finish what you started?

#SMARTMEDIA is a limited offer, with enrollment closing at 9 seats filled. We’ll be updating the course frequently, so keep an eye on our social media, or simply check back here.

Interested in the course? Apply now 🙌

The Fun Part

So maybe this course isn't for you. Or it is..but not just yet.

Maybe you're reading this for a different reason. Sure, you're a creative. Or a business person. You might even be both. But you've got all that other stuff covered already.

In that case, we'd love to chat with you!

After a few hiccups, we are happy to announce the official launch of our podcast: The Heaviest Grain.

Throughout this journey we present a 15 min episode to help clarify, inspire, or simply get our listeners through their day. Direct call in and Q/A during the week for Anchor FM users.

Learn more about 👈 here.

Like to be a part of the podcast? Sign up here 🙌

I cant wait to hear from you!

Talk soon,

#smartmedia #smartmediacourse #wehelpyoudoyou

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